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Domain Name Hosting
We will secure the domain name at no additional cost. You will own this domain name as long as you pay to keep it registered. Your website will be and your e-mail will be
Microsoft Front Page
Part of MS's Office suite which allows you to easily edit your website in WYSIWYG format.
POP3 Mailboxes
Mailboxes are simply e-mail accounts. You can basically have as many as you want. There are size and bandwidth limits but that shouldn't be an issue.
Email Forwarding
Have your website e-mail go to any e-mail account you want.
Email Aliases
One e-mail address can send an e-mail to any number of people. For instance, can send an email to everyone on your Board of Trustees.
Automatically replies to all e-mails received with a pre-written response.
The Squirrel Mail 1.2.5 e-mail client is a web-based e-mail agent which allows you to handle all of your e-mail needs from any computer that's hooked up to the internet.
Custom Error Pages
Instead of getting a "404" or a "401" Page not Found error, your visitors will be sent to a custom page on your site with directions on how to find what they need.

Flexible Solutions
Red Bank Web works in conjunction with your talents and resources. We can customize a package which best suits your individual needs.



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